Research Projects at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham:

  • Lung Ultrasound in Pulmonary Edema – The LUPE Study:
    The objective of the study is to evaluate if the bedside lung ultrasound in the emergency department can effectively aid the diagnosis of pulmonary edema in patients presenting with acute dyspnea.

  • Distal Radius Ultrasound guided Fracture Identification (DRUFI)
    The objective of our study is to evaluate the reliability of ultrasound in the diagnosis and post reduction alignment assessment in distal radial fractures.

  • How accurate is the EP in diagnosing DVT using bedside US?
    The aim of this study is to compare emergency physician-performed ultrasound (EPPU) of the lower extremities with duplex US done in the DVT clinic by the radiologists for the patients undergoing work up for DVT.

  • Diagnose & Describe Distal Radial Fractures with Bedside Ultrasound.
    This study compares the diagnostic utility of bedside ultrasound done by emergency physicians (EP) vs radiography for diagnosing and defining radial fractures in the ED.
  • Fascia iliaca block, for fractured femur, in Emergency Departments.
    To determine the effect of fascia iliaca block, on pain relief, in patients with fractured femur (neck, shaft).

  • ED Ultrasound in Renal Colic.
    To compare bedside ultrasound in ED with CT in detecting renal calculi in adult patients presenting to ED with acute flank pain.

  • A novel way of assessing lung expansion in Pneumothorax (Case Study)
    We want to present a case where we monitored the lung expansion, in patient with pneumothorax, with the help of bedside ultrasound.

  • Miracle of ED bedside US in diagnosing 6 weeks old thigh pain! (Case Study)