Dear All

Thank you  for booking our upcoming ultrasound  courses in March.

Regretfully we have to cancel all our courses in March due to Corona virus pandemic. UHB trust  like rest of the trusts believes that it will be unsafe for the candidates and the faculty especially with patients and volunteers involved. Hence we have been urged to cancel all gatherings. Even the ultrasound companies are struggling to provide the machines.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience but these are exceptional circumstances and mostly out of EMUSS control.

We would refund the full course fee to all the candidates who have already booked the course. Please check your PayPal accounts and emails (from PayPal) to receive confirmation of refund. You can book again when new dates are finalised. We will organise the course soon permitting the current pandemic situation with coronavirus.

Once again please except sincere apologies from EMUSS for this inconvenience.


EMUSS Faculty.

A society by Emergency Physicians for all healthcare professionals with interest in point-of-care ultrasound; its application, research and development.

  • Emergency Physicians with interest in emergency ultrasound application, research and development.

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